Wed Development and Design

You have a business and don’t know the first thing about promoting your business online. Which domain name to use, which web design is best for each platform, how to sell online and promoting your business are difficult decisions and complicated matters. You’ve tried to use a friend, son or daughter to build you a web site, but it just does not work.

Well, the folks at FirstQuintile know the web. We are honest, hardworking, mostly senior-aged engineers and designers that have seen it all, lived though most and understand the need for an honest opinion and solid web site that represents your business and drives sales. Pop us an email and we will impress you with our honesty, quality and price. Et Oui, we do multilingual web sites too!

FirstQuintile Recommends WordPress

For the best in web design services, we deliver on-time, within-budget, every-time. We design web sites. We develop WordPress-based web sites. We market, maintain and manage all aspects of your web presence. Whatever type of company you are, whatever product you want to sell, FirstQuintile will get you online fast and present your offering to millions of potential customers. We also provide and recommend WooCommerce and Shopify solutions.

Web Design, Development, Enhancement of your Brand

A strong, visible and easy to find web site is paramount to the success of any corporation in the online realm. The number 1 use of the internet is search. Google is the number 1 search engine. The number 2 search is YouTube – making video an essential component in your overall marketing strategy.

We will help you develop a vision and to present it in a consistent manner to your target market. For your existing site we will perform a detailed diagnostic and show you how we can improve your reach. We will set objectives. We will help you define and announce your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to the world. Rather than simply focusing on what you do(as a static, brochure-live web site would do), we will build a web presence that shows customers how you can solve their problems, provide solutions and strongly present why they should choose you as their contractor. Particularly important for growing your market, as we develop your web site, we will implement strategies for new customers to easily find you online.

Can your customers make a buying decision solely using content from your site? The ultimate goal is to increase conversions  of visitors to buyers by providing all that they need online. Because of the nature of your business, we understand this to be possible by presenting you with increased qualified leads and customer interactions.

FirstQuintile can handle your Advertising, Branding, Direct marketing, Personal sales, Product placement, Publicity, Sales promotion, Sex in advertising, Loyalty marketing, Mobile marketing, Premiums, Prizes & Trade-shows.

Gift Cards Premium Plugin

Looking for a WordPress, WooCommerce Gift Card plugin? Click Here to visit our recommended solution. Contact us for your next Web Project.


You have products to sell; markets to reach; consumers are ready to buy. You want to set up your online store and sell online but integrating with your ERP system, workflow, sales force, credit card processor is a bit too much to handle. Look no further. We can help you get started quickly with a Shopify storefront.

Our experts will set-up your very own shop, online. Using your existing web components and design, or a fresh new face that we create for you. your shop will make it easy for customers to purchase 24 x 7.


Once your site’s design has been finished and is up on the Web, we can maintain your site. Adventurous? You can even do-it-yourself and edit the text, images, and any products on your site.

Some Markets served:

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Medical companies
  • Publishers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Media
  • Technology companies
  • Medical Organizations & publishers
  • Service companies
  • Legal & Accounting firms
  • Product companies
  • Internet Cafes
  • Mom and Pop venues

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