FirstQuintile has extensive in-house expertise in digital marketing and strategic consulting. This ranges from the development of the overall brand vision, positioning and promotional platform, through to detailed development of competitive claims.

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Outbound and Inbound Marketing

To attract those looking for your product or service, we are the experts at Pull – digital inbound marketing: web searches or opening an email, text message or RSS feed, Websites, blogs and streaming media (audio and video). We even work with Emmy and Gemini Award winning producers and directors to bring you the best experience possible.

For those who need a Push, we excel at digital outbound marketing:  display advertising on websites and news blogs, email, text messaging and web feeds. Heck, if you still believe in “print” we’ve got that covered too!

Pragmatic Marketing

Do you believe in Pragmatic Marketing? Having a refined pragmatic marketing approach solves customer problems by meeting with them to better understand their needs and build relationships. We work with engineering to build better products, ensuring the product roadmap is maintained and followed. We collaborate with your marketing team to plan, create collateral and manage trade shows, train and support the sales team to close important deals.

FirstQuintile has extensive in-house expertise in marketing and product management. This ranges from analysis of market problems (strategic) through the development of the overall brand vision, positioning and channel support (execution). We believe in Pragmatic Marketing.

“A market-driven focus will help you to build products people want to buy.”

We analyze the market and actually meet with customers to understand their problems. We recommend development of products that solve real-world problems. We recommend product features that solve problems for many customers in a market. We will then work with you to support all marketing and sales needs including Digital/SEM plan, SEO strategy, Social Media, Communications Plans, training, tradeshows and more.

“FirstQuintile is the bridge between Customers, Engineering, Executive, Marketing and Sales.”

We have worked with some of the largest and smallest companies in the world. Sometimes the large companies need to think small. Sometimes the small companies need to think big. The folks at FirstQuintile, help you think.

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We understand Marketing Mix. We have a passion for the 4 P’s: Product Price Promotion and Place. We understand Branding. We implement closed-loop marketing.

Market Focus

There are many ways businesses can easily increase revenue. As a rule-of- thumb, when trying to grow profits quickly, we must focus marketing efforts as close to existing customers as possible. They’ve already done business with you and will be more likely to do so again. Moreover, it’s also more cost-effective to market to existing customers. CAUTION: if your products are faulty or if existing customers are not happy with you, these techniques are not applicable. We would need to first focus on actually building a better product and then targeting a new audience.

We will work for you to provide critical answers for each new product or question:

  1. Exactly what problem will this solve? (value proposition)
  2. For whom do we solve that problem? (target market)
  3. How big is the opportunity? (market size)
  4. What alternatives are out there? (competitive landscape)
  5. Why are we best suited to pursue this? (our differentiator)
  6. Why now? (market window)
  7. How will we get this product to market? (go-to-market strategy)
  8. How will we measure success/make money from this product? (metrics/revenue strategy)
  9. What factors are critical to success? (solution requirements)
  10. Given the above, what’s the recommendation? (go or no-go)

Another marketing concept we firmly believe in is what we call the Feel Good concept. This includes motivating your exiting customers to send you new customers. Expand your reach beyond your current customers by making your customers feel good at all times. Whenever you have new products to offer, educate them about your offerings and make them feel good about referring you to others.

Web Design, Development, Enhancement of your Brand

A strong, visible and easy to find web site is paramount to the success of any corporation in the online realm. The number 1 use of the internet is search. Google is the number 1 search engine. The number 2 search is YouTube – making video an essential component in your overall marketing strategy.

We will help you develop a vision and to present it in a consistent manner to your target market. For your existing site we will perform a detailed diagnostic and show you how we can improve your reach. We will set objectives. We will help you define and announce your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to the world. Rather than simply focusing on what you do(as a static, brochure-live web site would do), we will build a web presence that shows customers how you can solve their problems, provide solutions and strongly present why they should choose you as their contractor. Particularly important for growing your market, as we develop your web site, we will implement strategies for new customers to easily find you online.

Can your customers make a buying decision solely using content from your site? The ultimate goal is to increase conversions  of visitors to buyers by providing all that they need online. Because of the nature of your business, we understand this to be possible by presenting you with increased qualified leads and customer interactions.

FirstQuintile can handle your Advertising, Branding, Direct marketing, Personal sales, Product placement, Publicity, Sales promotion, Sex in advertising, Loyalty marketing, Mobile marketing, Premiums, Prizes & Trade-shows.

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