What is your core capability? What are your products? Did you lose sight of your Unique Selling Proposition? Sometime in the not-too-distant past, did you get thrown into the technology jungle against your will? Well break free today!

firstquintile consultingFocus on your core business. Make your products more competitive. Reduce your overhead and operational costs. At FirstQuintile, we are ready to exceed your expectations, manage your technology projects, integrate your information systems and more.

We provide consulting services onsite, offsite, full-time and part-time. Engineering, Business, Software and Hardware. We love technology and business, health and the environment.

For business development this includes strategic analysis, marketing and sales, Start-up planning and general consulting. Business development can be involved in everything from the development of your products and services, to the creation of marketing strategies, to the generation of sales leads, to negotiating and closing deals. FirstQuintile is ready to help!

For sales and marketing, do you need some help capturing market share and leads? The job of FirstQuintile is typically to identify new opportunities-whether that means new markets, new partnerships with other businesses, new ways to reach existing markets, or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets-and then to go out and exploit those opportunities to bring in more revenue.

Are you an accounting firm in the midst of helping clients with mergers and acquisition? Are you without expertise in software development, Web or Engineering? Need assistance with due diligence? FirstQuintile is ready to help!

Short-term, long-term, onsite or offsite, the folks at FirstQuintile can smooth the transition and supplement your team with the expertise and experience for a win-win scenario!

You need help managing your current project. FirstQuintile has a proven ability to develop, lead and motivate teams, set goals and delegate responsibilities, manage cross functional development projects and effectively communicate with executive management.

Organizations and governments worldwide will spend about $1 trillion this year on IT projects. Recent data suggested only about 35 percent of those projects are likely to be completed on time and on budget, with all their originally specified features and functions. Many projects, perhaps 20 percent, will be abandoned, often after multimillion-dollar investments—and the biggest projects will fail most often.

Some of Our Management Consulting Experiences:

  • Managed high-availability, eCommerce, Retail, Web properties and servers
  • Deployed Controlled, Paid and Free Access, WiFi solutions internationally
  • Engineering Consultant to Technology Firms
  • Created/Managed 30+ CME based Web Properties & Digital Med Publishing
  • Managed Satellite VSAT, IP, Networking products internationally
  • Managed Space Robotics, secure, CSA & NASA projects
  • Managed Software (real-time embedded, Web, SaaS, commercial & military)
  • Managed international product demonstrations and pilot projects
  • Hired, Appraised, Managed Project Managers, Engineers, technicians
  • Managed Product Improvement initiatives, traveled to clients internationally, captured feedback, worked with Engineering to develop better products
  • Successfully Negotiated with clients, suppliers and employee unions
  • Prioritized scope and defined requirements for projects

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