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FirstQuintile specializes in Digital Marketing, Consulting and Engineering. We provide technology solutions and delivering engineer-quality Web Sites, eCommerce - B2B and B2C websites,  Web design, Web development and Web maintenance, SEO campaign creation and execution, software development and project management.

Based in multilingual, multicultural and multi-talented Montreal, Quebec, Canada, FirstQuintile provides services to local and international clients help them solve the most challenging problems.



FirstQuintile has extensive in-house expertise in marketing and product management. This ranges from analysis of customer/market problems (strategic) through the development of the overall brand vision, positioning and channel support (execution). We believe in Pragmatic Marketing.

"A market-driven focus will help you to build products people want to buy."

We support all marketing and sales needs creating and managing the Digital/SEM plan, SEO strategy, Social Media, Communications Plans, training, tradeshows and more. We have worked with some of the largest and smallest companies in the world. Sometimes the large companies need to think small. Sometimes the small companies need to think big. The folks at FirstQuintile, help you think.

Do you have an existing web site that is missing the mark? Has your web site grown into a mass of spaghetti code and a navigational nightmare? We can help! We can transform your existing property into a state-of-the-art, simple and clean, attention-getting web site.

Web design, web development, web maintenance, web consulting, web transformation and web project management, creative and technical, database, big data & little data, eCommerce or noCommerce, 100 visitors or 1,000,000 visitors. Whether it includes SEO, SEM, B2B, B2C, B2G, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Drupal or simple PHP, for all your needs, we engineer rock solid performance web sites.



Building on a strong base of technology and solutions expertise, strategic partnerships and professional consulting services, FirstQuintile delivers globally to give your organization the edge in knowledge revolution. The FirstQuintile approach is unique because we deliver end-to-end solutions within complex, fully integrated multi-vender environments. We take the time to understand the individual business issues of each of our customers to ensure the their information technology strategies position them to maintain leadership in their respective markets.

As a partner with M2C Energy solutions, we help companies optimize operations, reduce OPEX and save the environment! Contact us today for a no-obligation quote on how we can help you save money while having a more efficient and environmentally-friendly company.

Are you needing to develop and implement growth opportunities within your company? Wondering how much of your business will grow and where the growth will come from? Do you need to point your sales team in the right direction and provide them with the approach, tools and collateral to approach your target market full of customers? FirstQuintile can lead or augment your business development effort.

Whatever your need - Business, Digital, Web, Engineering or Technology, FirstQuintile is ready to consult with you today.



Hardware and Software engineering is in our blood. We help our customers discover, plan, design, create fulfill, enhance and manage their technology solutions. With vast experienced and global partnerships with industry leaders, we are able to deliver solutions to our customers by integrating new technology and knowledge-based processes to drive business and add sustainable economic value.

Have an idea for a new product? We can engineer it end-to-end!

Software engineering is in our blood. We help our customers discover, plan, design, create fulfill, enhance and manage their technology solutions. With vast experienced and global partnerships with industry leaders, we are able to deliver solutions to our customers by integrating new technology and knowledge-based processes to drive business and add sustainable economic value.

Have you had enough? Ready to explore outsourcing services but you have heard about the heartburn of offshoring?

The folks at FirstQuintile are a natural extension to your existing workforce. We use only the brightest talent in Canada and the United States of America. No Offshore hassles, we speak your language, in your time zone!



FirstQuintile is a consulting, marketing, web development and engineering/ software company in Canada. We deliver unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. We work to bring together a team of technology, business, and social visionaries who provide the right balance of executive management and cutting-edge technology in dynamic business environments.

  • We're really good at what we do
  • We provide outstanding after sales support
  • We provide better technology services, faster and at a lower cost than doing them yourself
  • We deliver on-time, on-budget
  • We are passionate, persistent and diligent


  • I want to thank Bill [our dedicated Program Manager at FirstQuintile] for all his help. Consistently Bill comes through for us. As we have very demanding clients, we ourselves become very demanding clients (unfortunately), and I appreciate Bill's help for being quick. Without this quick turnaround time, we would be forced to look for other options instead of creating these websites for our registration. Thanks for being flexible.

    Mr. Rick M, USAManaging Director, Pharma Marketing Agency
  • We were really concerned about outsourcing our critical web development work. We always assumed we needed in-house developers because of confidentiality and criticality issues. You proved us wrong! FirstQuintile has exceeded all expectations, delivering ahead of schedule and at a cost that was 50% lower than an in-house effort would have been.

    Julie K, Boston, USAVice President, IT
  • We're all very impressed with the layout of the site and are delighted at the information being contemporary. Seems like you guys always work. Whether we have a question at 7am or 3am, you reply almost instantly. Do you ever sleep? We really enjoy working with you guys.

    Graeme S, UKDirector, Medical Devices
  • During the time I worked with Terry, he distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic leader in the fields of technology and management. Terry's love for marketing and technology is obvious and impacts everyone on his team. I have enormous respect for his teaching and leadership skills and anyone would be privileged to work with him.

    Ashley M, UKMarketing Director
  • We contracted with FirstQuintile to help unify our company following recent acquisitions. Terry took charge as a great Director of Marketing. Under his leadership our corporate image and communications (web, media) have greatly improved. Terry was instrumental in the re-engineering of our brand by unifying three separate divisions under one umbrella. Great work!

    Pierre C, CanadaVice President Sales
  • I have known Terry, the founder of FirstQuintile,  for over a decade. He is among the most creative, credible, intelligent and driven software and systems designers that I have met in 30 years of business experience. Terry is completely results oriented and places the customer at the forefront of all actions.

    Graeme M, CanadaDirector, Marketing


One of the most important buzz words today is “Responsive”. You must respond to a changing marketplace. Tweens are giving up malls for online shopping. Even seniors are using the internet more often to research, compare and shop.The visionary Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is booming. Retailers are beginning to notice more of their sales going online. Online payments are becoming quicker, safer and heavily used. Can anyone view your web site on their iPhone? Is your Web Site “Responsive”, I mean scalable, viewable and optimized for all platforms? No – well what are you waiting for? If you have the greatest product and services, but the largest segment of your market cannot see it comfortable online, you have wasted your money on another failed technology project. Responsive web design is a web design approach that provides an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors)

FirstQuintile Designs are flexible, friendly and intuitive, and packed with goodies

Give it a try - resize this browser window making it smaller and larger. See how the whole web site adapts for your optimal display enjoyment!

Firstquintile digital marketing, web, consulting, engineering services and IT consultants servicing companies and individuals with diverse technology needs. Platform independence, responsive designs, simple, clean, easy to use, pleasant to look at, design once display everywhere, engaging consumers, attracting leads, generating sales, reducing costs, increasing revenue, wow factor, quality assurance, secure applications, international markets – just some of our key selling points.